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200 Fans!

2010-09-29 22:52:59 by AMP

Thanks for everyone who added me as a favorite artist! I really appreciate it guys and so as a REALLY SHITTY Thank You for supporting me, I re-sung See You Smile.

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Thanks again everyone!


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2010-09-29 22:58:01

I am you biggest fan in the world

AMP responds:

Haha thanks dude!


2010-09-30 00:00:09

You're welcome.

AMP responds:



2010-09-30 00:01:32

Congratz dood :D

I seem to be stuck at 113 fans for some reason, so props for beating me to the 200 marker :P

AMP responds:

hahaha, thanks man


2010-09-30 00:21:26

I had 97 fans but now I have 96. what the hell???

AMP responds:

:( That stinks


2010-09-30 09:56:45


AMP responds:

HAHA, Thanks!


2010-09-30 11:42:27

eh i still have 33 :C

AMP responds:

:'( Don't worry though I bet you'll get a lot more as time goes on.


2010-09-30 13:44:21

I'm so jealous, but it's a 200 fans well deserved. I need to get my rear into gear and start producing again.

AMP responds:



2010-09-30 15:45:56

How do I become a fan? D: Your songs freakin' own.
Do you mean on Youtube? Then fuck that.

But otherwise, PM me because I want to become one :(

AMP responds:

No dude, you just click the heart next to my name when you are listening to a song of mine.

Just look at the left and see the link to my page, under it will be a heart with a + sign on it. Click it and then you're a fan :D

Thanks for the support!


2010-10-01 11:57:33

Way better singing. Nice job, and congrats on the 200. Stuck at 61 over here :(.

AMP responds:

Thanks a lot man :D


2010-10-21 18:18:05

Grats on 200 amp, im one of your biggest..
anyways Goodluck Vs. xKore, im rooting for you!! hurry though deadline in in 2 days..your scaring me XD

AMP responds:

Thanks for the support, but there is nooo wayy im going to win :(


2010-10-24 01:03:01

Yes you will, your amp :D your way better then xKore! :D